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McLaren driver Fernando Alonso, who has been far from happy during his time at the team, was quick to defend his career moves within Formula 1 following a comment by Nico Rosberg who claimed that the Spaniard “only had himself to blame” for the current state of affairs that he finds himself in.

Rosberg made the remark during his commentary stint in Japan, but Alonso feels it is too easy to come to that conclusion based on hindsight.

“I don’t regret any of the decisions I took,” said Alonso.

“I’ve often said it: every time, I chose the best option, the most logical one. Unfortunately, I also don’t have a crystal ball.”

Alonso chose to draw a parallel between his situation and that of Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton in their careers.

He added, “What has happened to me is similar to what happened to Michael Schumacher at Mercedes, where things didn’t go too well.

“Or even Lewis Hamilton, who didn’t have a very good first year at Mercedes.

“I’m proud to have driven for Renault, McLaren and Ferrari. When I joined those teams, nobody criticized my choice or told me it was a bad decision.

“In hindsight, it’s different but I’m proud of where I’ve been.”

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