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If you’re a racing fan, chances are that you’re pretty excited to see Fernando Alonso racing in the Indianapolis 500. The Spaniard, though, joked about how other Formula One drivers are jealous of him for turning up at the event.

The McLaren driver’s bid for the Indy 500 has generated a ton of buzz, and it’s more than merited.

He wrote about his experience thus far, including the support he’s received from F1 and its drivers, in a piece for the Players’ Tribune on Wednesday.

“The only people who aren’t so helpful are the other Formula 1 drivers, because they’re all jealous,” Alonso wrote.

“Hahaha. I joke, I joke (not really). They’re all very supportive of me and keep wishing me good luck.

“We’re a tight group in the F1 paddock. It means a lot when one of us does well in another series. When Nico Hulkenberg won at Le Mans in the FIA WEC in 2015, it was a big deal for us.”

Although he was joking, you can imagine that there are enough drivers who would also love the opportunity to test their skills at the prestigious event.

One thing Alonso was serious about, though, was why he feels he “needs” to participate at Indianapolis. It is the chance to actually win a race, something he knows he has no chance of doing with the way things are currently going at McLaren.

“And that’s why on May 28, on the biggest weekend in motor sports, I won’t be with my Formula 1 team at the Monaco Grand Prix. I’ll be in Indianapolis,” Alonso said.

“Racing at the Brickyard. Because I need to be. The Indy 500 is one of the greatest events in the sport. Drivers all over the world know this. I belong there. Because I’m a racer.”

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