It has been a rather excruciating and frustrating three years for Fernando Alonso at McLaren-Honda, and it seems almost inevitable that the driver will move to a new team come the end of the season.

While both Ferrari and Mercedes have piqued his interest, it seems like they are no longer viable options for the two-time world champion.

The opportunity to drive for either of the two teams seems to have been squashed by FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and Mercedes boss Niki Lauda earlier this week.

A report from Autoweek claims that Marchionne told the press that Ferrari is “not interested” in Alonso, who left the Maranello team for Woking in 2014.

Many believed that this would be the perfect fit for the Spaniard with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen’s contracts expiring soon.

Even ex-F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone had said that Ferrari should consider Alonso. However, things seem to be looking bleak for him after Marchionne’s latest comments.

Even Mercedes no longer seems overly interested, with former F1 star Lauda telling Spain’s AS newspaper, “I do not think Ferrari wants to have him again. He left with a contract, which is the same as what happened with him and McLaren-Mercedes.”

If that’s any indication of what the Silver Arrows think of Alonso, it’s not likely that we’ll see him branded with Petronas across his chest anytime soon.

With this development, what is the best option for Alonso? If he wants to have a car worth driving, there aren’t many options in the grid.

According to him, McLaren has until October to get things sorted out—if not, he’ll be leaving without issue. Let’s be honest, there is only one way that will end.

What do you think Alonso should do? Settle for less money somewhere else, or hang up his gloves at the ripe age of 35?

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