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The number of Formula One fans, in sheer numbers, is not as high as a mainstream sport, and while Liberty Media has tried its best to address this in the early stages of its tenure, Fernando Alonso spoke about why it is not as popular as it can be.

The Spaniard said lack of competition at the top is the biggest reason for such a slow rate of growth.

The McLaren driver made his comments during a press conference at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. He was critical about the sort of questions that he, Lewis Hamilton and Jolyon Palmer had been asked.

“An example is this press conference,” said Alonso. “There’s been not even one single question about this race weekend. Not for me, not even for Lewis, not even for him (Palmer). If the future will be okay, if the updates will be okay… it’s always thinking forward too much, about next year, about September, whatever.

“So there is not enough focus on this race weekend because the positions more or less we know. We can put in a paper the first 15 positions for qualifying and for the race and 99% we will match every single position. This lack of uncertainty, unpredictability, generates a lot of thinking forward, too much guessing.

“Obviously some part of the sport will benefit from that, because we will generate a lot of talks in the media, generate a lot of fan interactions. But you miss a little bit what’s going to happen this weekend.”

Alonso said the best way forward is to focus more on the race than what will happen after it.

“When you come here you focus with the engineers, you prepare the race, you prepare the strategy, the tyre temperatures, whatever. (Then) you come to a press conference and it’s all about next year, what Zak (Brown) said, what Lewis said, what Toto (Wolff) said. So you freeze a little bit the emotions about the race this weekend. So it’s probably what it is.”

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