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Brock Lesnar faces heavy doping charge

Brock Lesbnar has been charged with doping

Remember that hulking, muscle-bound, tattooed, invariably sneering, diarrhoea-inducing and unbelievably brutal WWE champ, Brock Lesnar?

Well, now he is in a bit of trouble after failing a doping test in UFC. On Wednesday night, the United States Anti Doping Agency announced that the superstar had been unceremoniously handed a one-year ban after failing two drug tests ahead of his UFC 200 match.

Following a four and half year absence, during which he was busy in the cozy confines of the WWE ring, Lesnar returned to UFC in July 2016 and quickly showed he had not been holidaying in the sun, claiming a unanimous decision over Mark Hunt.

Or so we thought.

In an out-of-competition urine test on 28th June 2016, he tested positive for clomiphene and its metabolite, 4-hydroxyxlomiphine. He compounded the inglorious whooper by again testing positive in a in-ring urine test on July 9, 2016 when he defeated the unlucky Hunt in Las Vegas.

Clomiphene artificially boosts testosterone levels in the body and additionally serves to ameliorate the deleterious side effects of anabolic steroids.

To show Lesnar that crime does not pay in the long run, the suspension has been backdated to July 15, 2016. If he chooses to, he can fight again from July 15, 2017.

The former champ, who held the UFC heavyweight title with a rather brutish strangle-hold from 2008-2010, was additionally fined a hefty $250, 000 by the Nevada Athletic Commission last December.

To make matters worse, his cheated opponent, Mark Hunt, has filed a lawsuit against the UFC, claiming $2.5 million in compensation due to the governing body not doing enough to fight sports cheat and forcing him to put his pretty body on the line by getting unfairly pounded by them in the ring!

He says the cheaters he has had to fight as well as the lackadaisical attitude usually taken towards them by the UFC has spoilt his love for the sport and helped enthrone some level of impunity. If he is successful, Lesnar faces the unpalatable prospect of being forced to cough up his payday earnings and possibly even more severe sanctions.

Well, Brock, this is one battle even your iron-hard fists may not be able to get you out of!

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