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Carey hits out at Liberty Media critics amidst growing discontent

Formula One managing director Chase Carey hit back at criticism of the changes that Liberty Media has implemented since taking over the sport at the beginning of the 2017 season.

He pointed out that every change that has been introduced serves Liberty’s push to make the sport more appealing.

Since over a year now, the American mass media company controlled by chairman John Melon, has been in charge of the sport.

A lot has been made of the controversial, FIA-developed head protection system halo is arriving this year, the ban on grid girls and the tweak in timings of races.

There has also been talk about Liberty Media looking to change the current engine formula for 2021, with plans also to revise the revenue share system becoming the most sensitive topic for the teams.

fans and teams have been quick to slam these actions, the biggest voice echoed by Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne, who threatened to pull his team out of the sport altogether.

However, for Carey, fans are the most important thing in the long run.

“The fans are incredibly important to us, just as Europe – including Gremany – is our base. So our motto is: same game, different approach. We want to create a product that includes everything the fans grew up with, but that is not frozen in time. Because if you do not allow change, you cannot grow,” said Carey to Germany’s Bild magazine.

“Bernie Ecclestone said himself in 2016 that he would not buy a ticket to a race. There was a negative spiral and we had to break it,” Carey added.

He claimed that Liberty Media was looking to improve the spectacle without changing too much.

“Lewis Hamilton is a very special personality. Half of Holland comes to the races to see Max Verstappen, and Ferrari is the brightest light in the sport.”

He went on to say that he was hopeful of a more exciting title fight this term.

“Last year it was too much of a duel between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. I wish that sometimes an underdog would win rather than only the favourites. Can Fernando Alonso win again? Can McLaren attack with Renault? Will Verstappen have more luck than in the first half of 2017?”

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