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Poor Sergio Garcia! The world No. 15 was recently the target of an incredibly determined, passionate and wistful campaign by a 40-year-old fan of his who was determined to caddy for him come hell or high water.

Over more than 200 days starting on July 9 last year, Mark Johnson, an Englishman pestered Garcia with daily tweets; some funny, others inspiring and informative and yet others despairing. they all went unanswered.

They additionally came bearing the really descriptive and wistful hashtag: ‘letmecaddieforyou’.

For the first 205 times, no response or even acknowledgement was given by Garcia as the tweet assault wore on. Then, on the 206th day, Garcia wilted and sent the the besotted fan an invite.

‘OK,’ posted Garcia to Johnson, ‘I think I found the perfect day for you to get the taste of carrying my bag & make your dream come true! Are you ready?’

Family man Johnson, however, had commitments. A date agreeable to both sides was soon arranged, which was the Pro-am of the British Masters taking place on September 27.
Said Garcia today at the Dubai Desert Classic, “I noticed him the first time from the first tweet he posted at me.

“I thought it was quite funny and it was very sincere, and obviously I was wondering how long it was going to keep going. It ended up being nearly seven months.

“He showed a lot of perseverance and a lot of strength and energy and stuff throughout it,” Garcia said. “I’m sure it will be a great experience for him, and you know, also for us.”

The oh-so-lucky Johnson himself had a tongue-in-cheek response at the weekend, saying, “I guess there will be no more daily tweets. Many thankyous Sergio Garcia for making my dream come true I am feeling very lucky.”

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