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‘Federer can’t retire yet, he must continue to play’


One of the best in the business, Venus Williams is still a champion player at the age of 36.

The American star broke into top 10 once again this week. In a recent interview to reporters in Charleston, she said it is important for the game that great players like Federer continue to play for a long time.

She said, “I think that in tennis it’s just great because it means tennis can hold on to some of its best assets for a lot longer. It’s what we need.

“You don’t want to see Roger Federer go, you want to see him stay. You want to see this great tennis. Everyone loves him. Serena as well.

“It’s a plus for tennis to know that when we see these great, legendary athletes, that we don´t have to say goodbye. Back in the day, Steffi Graf retired when she was 27. Imagine if she played 10 or 15 more years, what that would have done for the sport. So it´s just beautiful news.”

When reporters asked her about what she would have changed or told about her old self if she had a chance, she said, “A lot of unexpected things will happen but I really don´t have any regrets. I really don’t.

“I’ve lived exactly how I´ve wanted to. I´ve tried my hardest every single time. I didn´t win the matches I should have always won, but I really gave it my all.

“That, for me, is enough. I think the greatest satisfaction is to be able to live my life on my own terms, which isn´t always a given in life, no matter how hard you try or what you think you deserve.”

I would agree with Venus on this that the game would be a lot different when people like Federer, Nadal and herself who are at the end of their careers will eventually call it a day.

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