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Federer reveals secret to improved performances


Roger Federer has had an incredible 2017 season. The tennis maestro has dominated the circuit by winning the Australian Open and Miami Open among other major victories.

One of the secrets to this great comeback is a refurbished backhand. A shot which used to be his weakness has now become his strength.

Roger has been hitting winners from nowhere and is now being able to compete with younger, more aggressive players.

The Swiss player admits it was a process which took a long time coming.

“There was a progressive evolution, it didn’t happen through one practice session or because we took a strong decision. I realized I could have improved some things with the new racket already in 2014. Before Seve (Luthi) then Ivan (Ljubicic) insisted on a simple concept: ‘Take the ball early especially on return. No one is stronger than you inside the baseline’.”

He credited his current coach Ivan Ljubicic for helping him overcome a clear flaw in his game. He said he went through gruelling sessions to perfect that shot. “’Okay guys, it will be complicated’. They forced me to have that mentality. Through these conversations and suiting to the new racket, I started to feel really well on the backhand side at the end of last year. Just to make you realize, I was struggling even to hit slice backhand…” he added.

He is now working to raise funds for charity and will play the Match for Africa alongside Bill Gates and John Isner. The match is scheduled to take place in Seattle. He hopes to help the underprovided children of the African continent.

It will also help him take a break before returning fresh for the French Open. “The body needs a break, the mind needs a break, the family needs me again,” he said.

“I want to be there. I’m looking forward to that now.”

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