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Force India takeover set to take place within a week

Force India delivered on its expectations last year finishing on top of the midfield, but a problem was brewing behind the scenes.

Team owner Vijay Mallya has been in legal hot water, and has been forced to surrender his passport and there are still attempts being made to extradite him back to India to face money laundering charges.

While there have been plenty of rumours about the team being up for sale for the past couple of seasons, it seems like the first realistic bid is likely to be accepted and a deal could be finalised very soon.

Energy drink company Rich Energy is reportedly leading the line to secure a deal in the region of $276 million (£200 million) to takeover Force India.

You may be excused for not knowing about Rich Energy, largely due to the fact that it’s only available in 23 countries and was founded as recently as 2015.

However, with expansion plans central to the brand in the short-term, an entry into F1 has been marked as the quickest way for them to gain greater recognition.

In a way, it’s following the Red Bull model, though that company was far better established when it bought Jaguar Racing (and Minardi) and has been a presence in action sports for ages.

Such a deal, if it goes through, could be massive for Force India. An announcement of the purchase could be made soon, some reports say as early as this week.

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