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Forget P4, get the name of your driver right!

The Shanghai Grand Prix saw Mercedes back to their winning ways with Lewis Hamilton registering a comfortable win over his rival Sebastian Vettel, but the thing that happened with the other driver in the Mercedes camp is getting everyone excited.

This looks like either Mercedes are still getting used to the new face in their camps or the engineers in their camp dearly miss their former champion Nico Rosberg!

It was a moment that Valtteri Bottas would like to forget as one of the race engineers accidentally called him Nico, referring to former driver Nico Rosberg, who retired at the end of the season.

This funny incident happened when Bottas was going steadily in sixth position on lap 47. Viewers were left a little shocked and amused when the engineer said, “We still have potential for P4 here, Nico… Valtteri, so just keep pushing.”

Rosberg retired last season after securing the drivers’ championship and Bottas was roped in as new teammate for their champion driver Hamilton by Mercedes.

The intended motivation also did not help the Finnish driver as he ended the race in sixth position.

No big reaction has been reported from Bottas, who seems mature enough to understand that it was a genuine mistake that really should not be blown out of proportion.

Perhaps more disheartening for him is the fact that he finished behind both Red Bull drivers.

The end result was good for Mercedes though, and from their point of view, it was much needed after the season opener that saw Vettel enjoy early bragging rights.

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