Formula One’s new owners are currently considering using gamers to help trial new rules in a virtual environment to assess whether suggested changes would be successful in reality.

Motorsport managing director Ross Brawn suggested that conducting a virtual test to see aerodynamic concepts or different sporting rules before introducing them would be one way to avoid making things worse.

“Where we are looking at improving the racing in the future, there is a huge community of eRacers out there through whom we could potentially put different environments and different changes to the way we race,” said Brawn.

“We can get them to tell us whether the racing has improved or not.

“In the eRacing community, if we change the aero property of the cars and that is fed into their community, does that create a better race or not from their experience?

“It is not that far removed from the simulators the real teams use.

“A lot of the F1 teams use software generated from the games industry to give a more realistic environment for their driver simulators.

“There is scope in that area as well, which we are exploring.”

“At the moment we are trying to understand what makes a good race: what is it that makes a great race,” he said.

“It is not just ovetaking. You can have a great race without overtaking.

“If you have two cars fighting each other for the majority of the race, there may not be overtaking but there can be a great race.

“The proximity of those cars is something which is a factor in making a great race.

“We are mining all the information that exists in F1 to start to build a vision of what makes great racing, and what makes great on track action, and which tracks consistently produce great races.”

Brawn said that F1 was working on plans to introduce eRaces, in which fans would be able to take part in real time Grands Prix events.

“One of the things we will be taking a serious look at is eRacing engaging with the race itself,” he said.

“So how do we create the environment where we have a live event going on and the fans are racing their cars in that race.

“So, for example, a safety car is called and they have to react in their environment to that. The potential for that is huge.”

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