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The Halo safety device that has been made mandatory starting from next season has copped enough flak already from a number of noted personalities associated with Formula One and now, even the F1 engineers have entered the growing list of those unhappy with it.

Auto Motor und Sport recently revealed that a number of engineers have expressed that they are worried about precise regulations for the Halo device, and that they are arriving too late this season to be implemented in 2018.

The head protection device is undoubtedly going to have a huge impact on the design of the cars next season, which was largely the reason why fans were unhappy with its introduction.

But, from the technical side of things, it will have an effect on the car in terms of aero and weight, making the aesthetics of the flip-flop-like Halo the least concern for teams.

With the specific rules and regulations of the Halo not being released until September, Force India’s Andy Green admitted that it was too late to introduce the device, “That’s too late,” he said. “In terms of the monocoque, time is running out.”

Toro Rosso’s James Key agreed with this view. “The centre of gravity is going up and the weight distribution moves towards the front,” he said. “Also we have to stiffen the cockpit sides for the load tests, which means a different carbon structure in the corresponding places.”

Outside of aesthetics and safety, the Halo device offers a new age of innovation in Formula 1, with teams being able to style and design the upper side of the device to improve aerodynamics. “This will help to minimise the aero drawbacks,” admitted Key.

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