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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who always seems to be in the mood for some drama, sparked concern amongst many fans after he posted a picture on social media of a flashing police car behind the vehicle he’s in.

The Brit is currently in New York City ahead of the US Grand Prix that is set to take place this weekend.

Hamilton seemed to be in a relaxed mood as his chances of grabbing a fourth Formula One title seem to be more of a formality given his 59-point lead over Sebastian Vettel with just four races to go.

While you would expect only pictures of joyful celebration to emerge on his Instagram profile, his latest ‘story’ included a video showing a police car flashing its lights behind him.

Hamilton is in the driving seat at this point. It wasn’t even as though he was unaware about the police vehicle behind him as he began talking to the camera before showing the flashing the car behind him.

Fans were understandably left concerned. “Hope all is good bro”, one wrote.

“What’s going on?” added another.

While it led to an initial fear that he had got himself into some trouble, he soon began to post more videos just 20 minutes later.

Getting into a private chopper, the 32-year-old captioned a post, “Today’s a special day, big photoshoot for a top secret project :)”

This is not the first time Hamilton has been in hot water for footage posted to social media.

If you recall the summer of 2015, Hamilton faced a lot of heat for uploading a video at a Colorado shooting range on the same day a gunman attacked a train in France.

Even as recently as last season, he was investigated by New Zealand police for posting a video while he was riding a motor bike.

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