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World champion Lewis Hamilton is pretty outspoken on most matters, and while his success on the track has won him a number of supporters, his frequent use of social media also leaves the door open for his detractors.

On Monday, the Mercedes driver had to bear the brunt of an ill-timed comment that he had dished out to his four-year-old nephew, when he told him that “boys don’t wear princess dresses” on a video on one of his social media platforms.

The internet did not take kindly to what was perhaps at best just a bit of playful banter from the British Formula One driver.

Twitter users blasted him for “bullying” the young boy over his wardrobe choice in the now-deleted video/

The following day, Hamilton addressed these concerns with a public apology on Twitter for his “inappropriate” comments.

Clarifying that he loves how his nephew “feels free to express himself,” the self-proclaimed fashion-addict said he was simply “playing around” with the toddler.

You can read his apology in full here…

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