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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton believes that it would be like driving a bus when he turns up for the 2018 season.

The four-time world champion, who added to his trophy collection this season, was referring to the rule change from four engines per driver to just three next year, and the mandatory addition of heavy ‘Halo’ devices.

Hamilton’s Mercedes boss Niki Lauda had recently told La Gazzetta dello Sport earlier this week that the Halo is akin to “protecting the drivers as though they are babies”.

Now, the Brit took a shot at FIA’s newest solution to protecting drivers as far as possible. Hamilton said he is ruing the rule change that will require drivers to be even more careful with engine mileage in 2018.

“It will definitely be worse,” he is quoted as saying by Tuttosport. “We will be forced to drive like endurance drivers.

“Already we have all of this fuel, then with the arrival of Halo it will be like driving a bus.

“The cars will be as heavy as a Nascar, the braking distances will be longer, it’s certainly not what we want as drivers. That’s not how to make the most of our potential,” Hamilton added.

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