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Hamilton’s current deal with Mercedes is due to end at the end of next season and there is already some talk in the media about the prospect of Sebastian Vettel replacing him at the team after 2018.

While the Brit has said that he is very happy with life at the Silver Arrows, he confessed that if he was to leave the team, he could see himself at Williams or Ferrari before he hangs up his helmet.

“If I was to move, I would have to try and take what we have here and try to implement it somewhere else, but do I really want to do that? Is there a real need?” Hamilton said earlier this week.

“Of course I look at other teams that I have admired, I look at Williams and look at how cool it would be to one day drive for Williams and help them get back to the top, but I don’t have a magic board.

“I don’t know how long that will take or even if that’s even possible, just that I admire Frank and the Williams team for its history.

“McLaren, I have been there and done that and had a great, great experience with them.

“There’s no other team except for Ferrari that could ever be interesting, but right now I love being here, I love the people I work for, the people I work with and what the company represents.”

While Hamilton has consistently spoken about being content with life at Mercedes, he did also recently admit that he didn’t know how he might feel by the end of the year.

But, he is still rather certain that it would be tough to find a better deal than his current one.

“I am so happy where I am,” Hamilton said.

“I tell you when I joined this team I couldn’t have imagined it being [so good]; regardless of our results, it’s the environment that I live in.

“I couldn’t have dreamed it being better and I am pretty sure there is no other team that has this environment, I am pretty certain of it.

“On top of that, when you’re a Mercedes driver, there’s no other team in the whole sport I think that takes care of its drivers like Mercedes does.

“So to turn your back and leave that behind, that is a really difficult call to make.

“If I was to jump ship from here, that would be when I stop. Mercedes take care of their drivers.

“Whether it’s including them in events, whether it’s including them in commercials, you continue to be an ambassador for the brand.

“Every single driver has been so that’s a lot to throw away.”

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