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Hamilton offers unique solution to end debate of best driver on circuit

Early season odds seem to suggest that Lewis Hamilton is favourite to lift a historic fifth world title at the end of the upcoming season, following the success of last year and Mercedes’ dominance over the past few campaigns.

Following an early scare from Sebastian Vettel last year, Hamilton eventually coasted to his fourth title with two races to spare. However, the Brit has claimed that he wants to see Red Bull and Ferrari challenge more closely.

In his opinion, it would be an ideal scenario for all drivers to race in exactly the same car so that it was apparent for everyone to see who the best driver is.

He claimed that victory would be even sweeter in such a situation.

“Definitely the closer it is the better it is when you win,” Hamilton said.

“You want the guys you are racing with on a level playing field so you can really show the differences between us as drivers.”

Mercedes have been testing their new car out at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya this week but the sessions have been seriously hampered by snow.

However, Hamiltpon claimed that his car was far better than last year and appeared confident of the success he would enjoy.

“I was really happy to get out, great to get on it,” Hamilton added.

“To get a feel for the new car and so far it is positive.

“I’ve only had 60 laps but it definitely feels like a better car than last year.”

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