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Hamilton reveals biggest factor that will keep him motivated

Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One driver

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton may have ended the race in Mexico City in ninth position, but it was enough for him to be crowned world champion for the fourth time in his career.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took top honours on the day, who surged into the lead moments before a collision between Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on the first lap forced them to the back of the pack.

It was Verstappen’s second race win in 2017 and third in his career, with some arguing that the figure could have been far higher had it not have been for poor reliability.

Convinced by Red Bull’s late form this season, Verstappen put pen to paper to extend his contract till 2020 and has expressed his confidence that he will have a car capable of ending Mercedes’ dominance.

But, Hamilton said that he won’t make it easy for one of the hottest talents on the circuit. In fact, he argued that Verstappen has in fact motivated him to get even better next year.

“I want to be better next year,” said Hamilton.

“The challenge is going to be even bigger from Ferrari and Red Bull next year.

“Formula 1 doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t stand still. There is always someone there waiting to take my position.

“I’ve got Max sitting there waiting to take it.

“I’ve got to raise the game another level in order to stay ahead of him and that motivates me.

“There’s my motivation already for next year.”

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