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Hamilton’s ‘oompa loompa’ ex-girlfriend reveals champion’s strange toilet demand

Vernoica Valle briefly dated Lewis Hamilton in 2015, but ended ties with the reigning Formula One champion after a lot of body shaming, including a time when he called her a ‘fat Oompa Loompa’.

The glamour model seems to have put that time behind her and certainly did not look one bit the fat woman that Hamilton may have seen as she proudly flaunted her envy-inducing figure while heading to London’s Mayfair Hotel.

The 26-year-old had previously claimed that Hamilton had made cruel jibes about her weight and once threatened to fire a pilot for using the toilet in his private jet.

This was reportedly her first pblic appearance since she claimed that Hamilton had a very volatile personality and often called his ex Nicole Scherzinger ‘all the names under the sun’ after they split in February 2015.

She had claimed that Hamilton contacted her via Instagram in August 2015 and flew her out to Barbados from her home in Houston, Texas.

Having made their way to the Caribbean island, she was surprised to find Hamilton surrounded by a number of other women and the 33-year-old even asked her to join in a threesome.

On top of that, she claimed that while on the airplane, Hamilton had blasted the pilot for using the jet toilet and threatened to fire him.

He allegedly said, “Everybody knows that they shouldn’t take a s*** on my plane”.

Saying that Hamilton’s mood could swing at the drop of a hat, Valle said he even confronted her when she used the loo next to the kitchen instead of the one in the guestroom at his home in the South of France a few months later.

He then asked her why it took her “so long” and went on to completely lose his cool, according to the model.

He then went on to call her fat in front of all his friends when she saw him for the last time in Barbados.

She said, “If I was the first one to get food he would say, ‘Look at you, you are so fat!’ People started laughing at me and I felt bad.”

Veronica added, “He said, ‘Wow, you are so bright you look like a damn Oompa Loompa.’ Throughout the whole trip he was so ugly to me.”

Veronica went on to add that the idea of a threesome came up again when Hamilton, who was into US model Karrueche Tran, asked Veronica if she wanted to get cosy with another woman.

Three months into their relationship, Veronica knew that the relationship was going nowhere and the two stopped seeing each other. However, she continued to see him in Barbados each August – eventually changing her number when she realised he was ‘using her for sex’.

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