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Horner admits to having Renault doubts, but also makes interesting revelation

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has admitted to having concerns that Formula One engine supplier Renault will start the upcoming season in a compromised specification for reliability.

Conscious of the new-for-this-season three-engine limit, Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul had earlier claimed that the firm was keen to not take any risks as far as reliability was concerned.

However, Mercedes recently spoke with Motorsport.com and claimed that they were on the verge of producing an engine that can deliver a power output of 1000bhp.

This has led to Horner believing that the four-time reigning world champion team could be “mighty”.

“It is a concern,” he said, when asked to repond to Abiteboul’s comments.

“If the headline figures Mercedes have quoted (are real) then the gap will only broaden. Renault have their own team now, they have their own demands they need to meet.

“Reliability has been a big priority for Renault over the winter.

“They have completed more mileage than they have done in this V6 era so they are coming into this year better prepared and hopefully that will allow focus to start to centre on performance.

“We’re hopeful of seeing more performance and performance converging between engine manufacturers.”

Horner went on to claim that it would not be good for the sport if Mercedes enjoyed another year of dominance.

“It just emphasises why engine regulations need to be clarified this year for 2021,” he added.

“The problem is if we go past the midyear, then manufacturers will say there is not enough time for 2021 so there is a lot of positioning going on at the moment.

“It’s crucial the commercial rights holder and the FIA come out with a clear positioning and regulations, particularly on the engine, by the middle of this year.”

It is interesting to note that while last year Renault was keen to end its supply deal with Red Bull at the end of 2018, Horner has now admitted that this may not be the case and there is yet a chance that the two could continue to work together beyond the stipulated time period.

“All things are open for 2019 onwards. We will play close attention to how things develop at Toro Rosso but there is no preconceptions as we head into the season.”

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