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Danny Jacobs has had a lot to say before the bout standard.co.uk

Ahead of their title fight on March 18th at the iconic Madison Square Garden, Gennady Golovkin’s opponent has already won the eagerly awaited bout, with his mouth at least.

According to Danny Jacob this Tuesday : “This is the fight I always wanted. It is the pinnacle to consider yourself the best. As long as I’m 100 percent mentally and physically prepared, I’m pretty sure I’ll be victorious.”

“This is all about legacy. This fight will represent the pinnacle of my career, being able to catch numerous belts. It’s something I always envisioned as a kid.

“I believe that these guys are the best in the middleweight division and I have to come to prove to the world – and to shock the world – that I am the best.”

Fighting words those, but with his 4 glittering championship belts, Gennady is pretty unperturbed.

The ‘Killer Kazakh’ currently holds the WBC, IBF, WBA and WBO belts, which Jacob appears about to snatch from him if his slick tongue and posturing is to be believed.

Bookmakers, though, already have the fight 8-1 in favor of Gennady, and have so little regard for his outspoken opponent that some even see the fight as being merely some pretty intensive and creative sparring match for Gennady ahead of a rumored mega-money fight with Canelo Alvarez sometime this year.

Gennady however opines otherwise: “I am very excited, this is the best opponent,” he said. “I am very respectful of Danny. I believe Danny is ready for this fight. I have four belts; that is a dream for everyone. Who is the best as this time in the middleweight division? I promise an amazing show, a historic show.”

And his promise in all probability will be fulfilled to the hilt.

With both fighters being knockout specialists and savage fighters who give no quarter, the probability is very high as to the match being decided via a count rather than an unanimous decision.

Who wins this? Who the hell knows! Still, expect a mighty punch-up with excitement and suspense with a very generous hand for you to deliriously feast on.

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