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Jon Jones back in the mix?

Jon Jones is a former MMA champion

For UFC fans, Jon Jones needs absolutely no introduction since many deservedly consider him the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter in the octagon.

While his prowess in the ring is flawlessly amazing and frankly peerless, his varied activities off it raise far many questions and leave much to be desired.

For the past two years, he has been barred from the sport due to his membership at the bad boy club and his acting optimally to live by its creed.

He has been arrested for nearly everything in the book except robbing a bank and french-kissing the Queen of England. With him, even that seems a possibility.

Back in April 2015, Jones had his title cleaned off him with paint thinner and an iron sponge after being arrested for an alleged hit-and-run.

He returned to the sport last year and faced Ovince Saint-Preux. It was a no-contest.

We all thought a new era for the sport and the jonsing Jones was on the horizon, till he failed a drug test and had his scheduled match against Daniel Cormier canceled, reportedly on just two-days notice, to the everlasting fury of the UFC president.

Additionally, he was slapped in the face and nuts with a one-year suspension.

After the saga, UFC  president Dana White prominently washed his hands off him and said he “would never take the risk of headlining a show with Jon Jones again”.

However, he has since reversed his decision and said Jones will fight whoever emerges victorious in the scheduled Anthony Johnson and Cormier bout.

“Jon Jones is supposed to return around July so the timing is perfect,” he said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

“I haven’t talked to him. I have not talked to Jon Jones since the whole incident at UFC 200.

“Depending on where Jon’s head is and where he thinks he is, I would assume he would come right back and try to get his title back,” White said.

On if Jones should have a tune-up fight first to get in shape rather than a straight title shot, he had a few words of wisdom.

“The problem with this sport, there is no light one. If you’re going to go in there and give it, at least go in and try to get your belt back.

“It’s like everyone was saying Ronda (Rousey) should have had a tune up.

“There are no tune-up fights. When you break into the top five in the world, everybody’s nasty. Everybody’s nasty.

“What you don’t want to do is lose to somebody ranked 8, 9, 10. It knocks you right out of the top 10 and it doesn’t make sense.”

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