Klopp not as calm as me: Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has claimed he is calmer than Juergen Klopp christiantoday.com

A mouth-watering clash between two great clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool is to be played on Sunday at Old Trafford. Though the match is scheduled on Sunday, the mind games between the managers have already begun.

With two animated coaches in the form of Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp, you can always expect fireworks in a battle of words.

Jose Mourinho recently self-proclaimed himself to be the “calmer of the two”.

He replied to the remark made by Juergen Klopp about the similarities between the two managers. Jurgen Klopp had earlier said, “We both have the same level of angriness.”

But, Mourinho contradicted this statement and claimed himself to be the one with a calmer mentality. Such claims by Mourinho aren’t new since he has been ridiculing his counterparts since long. The list of those who have faced his verbal jibes includes Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola amongst many others.

Still, Juergen Klopp does provide some support to Mourinho’s claim as Klopp has always been famous for his catchy celebrations, animated histrionics on the touchline during his stint at Borussia Dortmund and most recently at Liverpool.

Mourinho was then reminded by journalists of his touch-line gallop after Costinha had scored during his managerial tenure at Porto. They asked him if he would ever repeat such a celebration.

“Yeah, I can run,” he said. “The problem is to score a winning goal in the last minute. But, yes, I can still run, it’s no problem.”

Mourinho was in a jocular mood during the entire press conference and was seen fooling around with reporters, reflecting a much calmer demeanour that we have previously been used to.

The Portuguese manager was respectful in his comments towards Klopp, wishing him “best of luck” ahead of the derby.

“I hope no one is nervous. Everybody wants to win the game. I am sure Juergen is the same and Liverpool players, so let’s make a big match and let’s hope outside the stadium everything goes well.”

What remains to be seen is whether the calmness remains for the entire 90 minutes during a game which has always been famous for hooliganism among the fans and on-pitch battles among the players.

Whatever is in store, it’s going to be a bloody feisty encounter this weekend at Old Trafford!

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