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Khan knocks out family team

Amir Khan is aprofessional boxer

British boxer Amir Khan sure has faced many ferocious combatants in the ring.

However, his most vicious fight might be with his family, if recent events are to be believed and are as serious as they are made out to be.

Khan has singularly failed to impress in his recent on-field battles, and increasingly weighty suggestions are now being confidently thrown around that he is just another washed-up boxer who has failed to live up to his seemingly over-hyped promise.

Just last week, he was under intense fire following the leaking of a sex tape apparently made on Skype while he had been just recently married to his stunning model wife Faryal.

Now, he has massively cleared away his family and close friends who have been with him from the start of his career from his management team.

His dad, who was formerly his manager, Taz the uncle, who was formerly a consultant and adviser, and devoted long-time friend Saj Mohammed, have all been sacked. They will no longer have a professional relationship with the pugilist.

The decision was made following a very public conflict between his other half and family members, who disapprove of her work on moralistic grounds.

In a recent interview with the Mirror Online, Khan said he no longer desires to mix business with pleasure. In other words, sorry family.

“My dad is not going to be negotiating fights,” he said.

“I love my family to bits, but my business is boxing and I’ll have a different team to do that.

“My dad, my mum, I respect them. I want a family relationship with them rather than a business relationship. They’ll be at my next fight, hopefully. I will invite them.

“When you mix the two it can get a bit difficult. That’s why I want to keep them separate.”

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