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Kimi Raikonnen has said that the development work that was undertaken following the previous season has laid the foundation for its race-winning SF70H effort despite the difference in performance.

Ferrari enjoyed a strong start to the 2016 season, regularly appearing on the podium and at times challenging for race wins, but slid back in the development race as Red Bull began to muscle its way forward.

However, Raikkonen insists that Ferrari never stopped learning and made significant progress throughout the course of the year.

“I don’t think an awful lot has changed since last year,” said Raikkonen. “I was saying last year we were doing good things but people were purely looking at the end results on the Sundays.

“We are doing the same things and before, the guys have built a good car over the winter so when the results are better, people think you’re doing completely different things to last year.

“Obviously, Mercedes were better than us and Red Bull in the second half. A lot hasn’t changed since last year but there’s a lot of things we should do better and find some stuff but a lot of things are the same way, there’s just a much better car to produce much better results.

“It’s a never-ending thing to work and work more closely, I felt last year people were pushing in the same direction which has been a big key to this year.”

Form a personal point of view, Raikonnen is now focused on notching his first win of the season.

“The only thing we are missing is better results. The last race weekend I was very happy but there’s always things to improve, always which could have gone better and to go faster. Even if you have happened to win races, there’s always things which could have gone better or I have done better.

“There’s always going to be things which aren’t perfect, it’s not often you can say that, you always change something. Things can always be better.”

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