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Kurt Angle on comeback trail?

Kurt Angle is a former WWE wrestler wwe.com

According to latest rumors surfacing in the WWE world, Kurt Angle might make his way back to the arena.

While it won’t be as a wrestler, he will in all likelihood be named the general manager of Monday night RAW, replacing Mick Foley when he eventually decides to step down.

This news first came in the tweet by PWStream, which said that this move could happen after the 33rd edition of the Wrestlemania in April.

Mick Foley returned to WWE in Wrestlemania 32 and has since been a part of it as the general manager of RAW when the brand decided to spilt.

Similarly, Shane McMahon was also brought back and in spite of his story having a lot of loopholes, he managed to stick around while seeing the return of Goldberg.

Initially, the deal was slated for a single match, but looking at the popularity that it garnered, it was extended.

As Kurt Angle is already a part of the Wrestlemania 33, being a member of the Hall of Fame class of 2017, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this rumor has a lot of substance to it.

Moreover, he has been the general manager of Smackdown in 2004. His experience, along with the fact that he understands the requirements of the role, will go a long way in helping him fit into this position.

Secondly, Kurt has often told the media that he has some sort of deal with WWE regarding on-television appearances.

He has also talked about the person he wants to wrestle when he makes a comeback.

Another thing working in his favor is the fact that Mick Foley doesn’t have a proper contract with the WWE and is working on a handshake agreement.

Foley’s health is also a major issue as he has to undergo a major hip surgery. On top of that, his relation with Stephanie is also turning sour with each passing day.

Thus, all these factors have contributed in a growing anticipation of him being ousted and Kurt Angle being instated.

It will be really interesting to see how things turn out between him and Stephanie McMahon, given their on-screen history.

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