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F1 owners Liberty Media are set to announce their engine concept to the teams for the post 2020 season on October 31.

Auto Motor und Sport has reported that in conjunction with the governing FIA, Liberty Media will present their projection to all teams at a meeting.

“For me personally, with a white sheet of paper I would have a twelve cylinder engine with the sound and the power that the fans want,” Red Bull official Dr Helmut Marko told Speed Week.

Regarding this, Sebastian Vettel said, “Downsizing is the way the world has gone, but with our focus on the sport and the show we would be better advised against this trend.

“These days the cars are no longer so loud, and I believe this is not only not good for the spectators, but for us drivers as well,” the Ferrari driver added.

There is speculation that Liberty Media and the FIA have gone for a halfway house compromise between Marko’s wishes and the status quo, with a V6 engine with two turbos and MGU-K and MGU-H technology.

Helmut believes that independent engine suppliers are crucial for the game’s future, especially for the smaller teams to be more competitive.

“This current dependency is unacceptable to us,” he said, “because we cannot get the engine power that Mercedes and Ferrari have.”

Marko added, “Formula one must become consumer rather than technology-friendly. People buy the iPhone because it’s easy to use, not because they want to know the technology inside it.”

Auto Motor und Sport had earlier reported that the 2021 plan is aimed at making the engines cheaper and simpler includes a range of standardised parts.

It is believed Liberty is also proposing to scrap the F1 Commission and strategy group, and unveil on 7 November its plans for a budget cap to be installed as soon as 2019.

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