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Lowe makes huge admission in decision to hand Sirotkin Williams seat

Williams boss Paddy Lowe knows that many question marks have been raised following the team’s decision to hand a seat to Sergey Sirotkin, especially given the overall inexperience that it would mean his side now has.

However, he emphasised that it was a well-thought plan with an eye on the future even though he understood that there would be some liabilities in the present.

With Lance Stroll also only just a year old in the sport, the Grove-based outfit is relying this year on one of the youngest pairings in F1 and the least experienced in the team’s history.

Many have said that appointing Robert Kubica would’ve been a wiser option for Williams, or perhaps even Paul di Resta or Pascal Wehrlein, all of whom were in the running to take the seat alongside Stroll for the upcoming season.

“We selected him as the best driver available to us, bar none,” Lowe told Motorsport.com.

“We’re confident that he will be very quick, very consistent, very calm in his working – and I think these qualities will take him a long way, to do really well in this championship.

“We understand that there are some disadvantages. I guess, for Sergey, there is a learning curve around that first year, particularly with some of the circuits he hasn’t been to before.

“But, you know, his performance stands in its own right.”

It appears clear that Williams has an eye on the future.

“At the same time, we’re investing – one of the advantages of a younger driver is, if it’s a great driver, you’re investing in a long-term future and a long-term success that that can bring to him and to the team.

“So I think we prefer to see that in Sergey we found a rising star, and we hope to work with him in the long-term and enjoy a lot of success together.”

“We don’t want to drive too much expectation, but we’re confident that Sergey will drive well, he’s shown himself able to do that, in our car and also in series in the past.

“I mean, he was the best rookie in his first season in F2 [GP2], he came third, that was the best rookie result of that year. I think that stands as a good example of what he can do.”

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