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Magnussen blasts Halo, points to danger for drivers

While many drivers have recently claimed that the new Halo security device introduced by FIA is not as bad as it seems, Haas’ Kevin Magnussen hasn’t changed his negative opinion on it.

The outspoken driver has claimed that the device could actually represent a hazard at certain tracks.

Last week, in pre-season testing that took place in Barcelona, most drivers seemed pretty indifferent about the Halo, with some even saying that they barely noticed the difference once they got into the car.

Magnussen, though, said that it still seemed like a foreign object and would only make the life of drivers even tougher.

“It’s very annoying. Ugly. Difficult to get into the car, difficult to get out of the car, difficult to get the steering wheel on and off, just awkward and annoying,” he said.

The Dane pointed out that the Halo could impair a driver’s visibility at certain venues and in certain types of corners.

“Once you get into the corner it’s fine because you look to the sides and left and right of the pillar in the middle so it’s not a problem visually to see the corner,” Magnussen said.

“But it distracts your eye obviously when you change direction like chicanes and you have to move your vision across the pillar.

“It’s a little bit distracting but it isn’t any concern as such.”

Magnussen claimed that sections with elevation changes such as Eau Rouge at Spa could make life even tougher for others, including himself.

“If you’re chasing someone in Eau Rouge you won’t be able to see if he makes a mistake at the top and spins if you’re down the middle part,” he said.

“You won’t know if he’s in the wall or not. I guess the same at Austin Turn 1 where there’s big elevation, but we’ll see.”

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