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Sergio Marchionne is the president of Ferrari

One might think that Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne would be in a right frenzy at this point of time, given the spark plug issue at the Japanese Grand Prix that effectively ended Sebastian Vettel’s title hopes, but the Italian-Canadian still appears to be rather optimistic about the team’s chances this season.

“The season is not lost, there’s still all to do,” he told Italy’s Class CNBC television in New York.

“I won’t talk of bad luck, I don’t believe in it,” he insisted. “The important thing is to not lose the confidence that has brought us so far.

“I‘m delighted with what the team has done,” he continued, “and I have tremendous confidence that in the next four races we will be able to close most of the Mercedes gap.”

Regarding the spark plug issue that weighed in heavily on Vettel at Suzuka, an incident that follows cracked manifolds that affected both drivers in Malaysia, Marchionne, who last week warned of repercussions and changes in terms of suppliers and quality control, said, “It’s a problem we’ve probably ignored over time because it was never of much importance but now we’ve had at least three occasions where we’ve really seen the devastating impact on performance. We’ll fix it.”

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