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Mayweather pours cold water over McGregor bout

Floyd Mayweather will not fight Conor McGregor

Just when we were vigorously salivating over the prospect of a mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, the former undefeated boxing champ has just mercilessly poured an arctic tankful of water and crushed ice over our dreams and our senses.

Last Saturday, as he was busy promoting a reunification fight between James DeGale and Badou Jack in far away New York city, Pretty Boy Floyd was quizzed about the latest happenings in a widely rumored and ruthlessly hyped clash between him and UFC fighter Conor.

He wasted no time in declaring such a possibility an impossibility.

Questioned about long-standing reports that he had offered Conor $15 million to fight him, he responded: “I’ve had my career.  All kinds of guys from other sports keep calling me out. If it ever happened it would be an easy win for me. But I want to concentrate on helping the young boxers I promote accomplish their dreams – and helping my children become the best people they can.”

And asked about how much money it would take to coax him back into the ring, he had this to say: I’m a businessman and I like making money but I’m retired now on my record of 49 and 0. “People with an interest in me coming back are not thinking of my health and my family.  There’s no point me no longer being the sharpest tool in the box but having more money. And I look at how the great Muhammad Ali went on too long.”

Well, Floyd, you didn’t need to bring Ali into this matter, and the likelihood of your actually getting Parkinson’s disease like him is near zero since you spent your entire career running from your opponents in the ring rather than actually fighting them like you were overpaid to!

And additionally, rather than being called on and presently engaged in saving the sports with no time left for anything else, all signs rather point towards your being unwilling to put your much-polished undefeated cred at risk rather by taking on a younger, hungrier and fitter opponent from whom it might be harder to run from once the bell has rung.

Oh well, Floyd, your mouth will soon get you into big trouble. For a change, you won’t be able to outrun that!

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