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Mayweather vs Conor

Conor McGregor plies his trade in the UFC

Floyd Mayweather has never been known to keep his mouth shut, or his boasting and grand-standing under control. Now, though, he has a startling revelation to make to combat sports fans: that he has offered UFC fighter Conor McGregor $15 million to fight him.

Both characters have wasted no effort in posturing and further whetting fans’ appetites for what promises to be a superbly exciting slug-fest, with Conor even going so far as to release a fight poster featuring him and ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd last year.

Mayweather, who retired undefeated in 2015, says that as part of the deal, he himself gets a guaranteed take of a gargantuan $100 million. As to Conor being forced to make do with significantly less, the former undefeated champion waved aside the fact and insisted that since his presumed opponent had yet to rake in up to $2 million in a UFC bout, he was simply doing him a huge favor he ought to grab with both hands.

Hear him: “Conor McGregor keeps telling everybody he wants the fight,” he told ESPN’s First Take. “Let’s make it happen. We tried to make the McGregor fight. My number was a guaranteed $100million (£83m). We offered him $15m (£12m).

“We’re the A-side and I don’t know how much he has made but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t made $2m (£1.65m) in an MMA bout. We can talk about splitting the PPV but we are the A-side. How can a guy talk about $20m (£16.5m) or $30m (£24.7m) if he’s not made eight or nine? Is the fight going to happen? We’re working on it.’

So far, with MacGregor equally insisting on $100 million to face the former champ, negotiations are at a dead end. For the moment anyway.

But, are both fighter even serious? While Conor can definitely use the money, Mayweather is presently richer than Croesus, but a spendthrift.

So, the lure of $100 million might cajole him into putting his reputation and ‘pretty’ face at risk by fighting a very hungry opponent. Will the fight ever happen? Your guess is as good as mine, or possibly better.

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