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Mercedes, Ferrari lock horns off the track

Mercedes and Ferrari are used to being fierce competitors on the track in Formula One, but there now seems to be a tussle off it as well, with the Italian company opposed to the Silver Arrows’ latest demand to FIA.

Mercedes has reportedly suggested that active suspension should be reintroduced in F1.

This follows news that a number of teams, including the likes of Red Bull, will no longer be able to use a ‘trick’ involving clever systems to lower ride height in corners.

While this subject has occupied a lot of time during discussions held by the F1 technical working group, it has led to two proposals on each end of the suspension spectrum proposed as a result.

The first set proposes to return to simple suspension layouts with dampers and springs, while the other is the re-introduction of radical ‘active suspension’ which was last seen in 1993.

Mercedes, it is believed, is pushing for the latter.

An engineer from the team told Auto Motor und Sport, “It’s cheaper because you can develop the system once and then freeze it. It will save a million euros a year and there would be no more grey areas.

“It would be much easier for the FIA to control, and it would help overtaking because you can programme the system to minimise the impact of the turbulence behind the car,” the engineer added.

Ferrari, it seems, is not too keen on the idea.

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