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Mercedes sounds big warning to rivals ahead of 2018 season

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has praised his entire squad for unlocking the full potential of its ‘diva’ W08 Formula One car that has helped the team secure a fourth consecutive world drivers’ and constructors’ championship.

Wolff also sent out an early warning to the team’s rivals ahead of the 2018 season.

In the early part of this season, with the new regulations in place as well as the change in tyres, Mercedes’ pace changed dramatically from one race to another. To many onlookers, Ferrari looked like a much more bankable team at the time.

Speaking after Lewis Hamilton secured his fourth world title, Wolff said that Mercedes’ continual efforts “to leave no stone unturned” to find a wider and more secure operating window for its W08 was nothing short of phenomenal.

While there is no doubt that this was one of “the hardest fought” F1 world titles for Mercedes, Wolff was quick to sound a warning to all rivals ahead of 2018.

“We plan to keep the characteristics of our diva that we like but to get rid of the ones that have caused us difficulties,” Wolff said.

“Many of the teams have struggled to understand the new cars and tyres, why they function one day and not the other.

“If we look at the qualifying statistics and the race statistics, the W08 was the quickest car with the quickest driver.

“But we had some oscillations along the way, and we had some races where we struggled. We understand pretty well why that was the case. Now we just have to come up with a way of optimising it for next year. In the process, we will be leaving no stone unturned.”

It is believed that Mercedes will use the final two races of this season to commence early preparations for 2018, joining the likes of Force India and Haas who have already publicly confirmed its focus switch to next year.

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