Mercedes spot loophole in rules, new updates to give them edge in Spain


Mercedes’s new aerodynamic addition for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix has got Lewis Hamilton rather revved up. The Brit also took time to introspect on what went wrong for him in Russia, claiming that the break has helped him identify the “small things” that cost him.

While these developments are not going to be as extreme as yesteryear, when you could even expect a team to be so radical as to come on the track with six wheels or a giant fan on their car, new rules and regulations mean that there is very little manoeuvrability.

Mercedes, though, may have found a loophole. They bolted a huge wing on either side of the nose cone.

What this will result in is a front-end downforce benefit and should clearly aid in reducing understeer. However, with wings of this size, oversteer may increase dramatically.

One possible reason for the eye-catching new features could be Hamilton’s apparent lack of pace in the Russian Grand Prix, during which he struggled to get his tires up to temperature — something that will be helped by the extra force from the wings.

Speaking ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton said, “It was just a bunch of small things that all added up in one pot. Nothing in particular, not single one thing that was bigger than another. That just led us in slightly the wrong direction, but it should be better this weekend.

“It is a tyre issue. The tire window working range is quite small, so the whole weekend, I was generally not in the right window with it. Coming into this weekend, we have a good understanding of what went wrong.

“We have grown from experience of having won with a fast car and a car that struggled in so many areas. I definitely think we are better equipped now, but I can’t say it will be better this weekend, I hope it will be.

“There will be upgrades for everybody, and we will be doing work tomorrow to get the car in the right place.”

Other upgrades will see Mercedes flash a new rear floor and a revised rear wing.

Not only this, both Mercedes drivers will now have an upgraded conduction engine.

Force India and Williams will have to wait until a later date to receive the upgraded power units.

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