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Doppelgängers always attract a fair amount of attention, but the resemblance between this Iranian bloke and Barcelona football genius Lionel Messi is rather incredible.

Hailing from the streets of Tehran, Reza Parastesh has been dubbed ‘identical’ to Barcelona’s forward and has found himself being stopped on the street for photos, as well as being asked for photographs.

Not only has he received a lot of publicity on the streets, but the funny part is that he has not had any surgery to look the way he does. The only thing he does on purpose is trim his beard in a way identical to that of Messi.

Spot the difference if you can

Adults and kids have recently been giving him so much attention that he has himself started to feel like quite a star himself. And it’s not just a recent phenomenon that has people gasping at the similarity between the two.

Reza has lived with the nickname ‘Messi’ ever since he was a child and now happily roams around sporting the Barcelona player’s football shirt.

What’s more, his own father once mistook him for being Messi! Imagine that!

Still not Messi…

A Twitter fan led account ‘Leo Messi’ posted a photo of the Iranian saying: “Messi’s Iranian lookalike. Incredible similarities.”

People have also been talking about the new ‘Messi’ on Facebook, with many questioning Reza’s football abilities.

Mukaila Gonzaga said, “Serious! I guess this guy is the twin brother.”

Avan Xombie said, “The only real question is, can he play?? Even if it’s just at 20% of the real deal is a great deal (sic).”

In an interview with Ruptly TV, speaking in Farsi, Reza said: “The first time that I seriously decided to take a photo with sports clothes and introduce myself as the double of Messi, my father encouraged me, He said – do it.”

“It was the match between Iran and Argentina and Messi scored a goal in the final minutes, prompting Iran’s exit from the World Cup. My father is a football fan, so he called me and told me ‘don’t come home tonight’ because he thought that I scored that goal.

“He didn’t let me come home. (sic).”

Okay, now that’s Messi! Or is it….

Reza claims to be really glad that he looks like such an “important, cool and popular guy”.

He hopes to one day meet his hero.

But, who would meet whom?

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