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Nadal reveals his biggest fear

14-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has revealed that he is most worried about his knees getting injured during the course of play.

The  Spaniard has suffered from various injuries throughout the course of his career, mainly on his knees and wrists.

He has had an injury scathed two years on the tennis circuit. After missing most of the 2015 season due to a knee injury and managing only 3 title wins, Nadal started the 2016 season with back-to-back wins in Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

But, the French Open, his fortress, turned out to be Nadal’s worst nightmare as a wrist injury ruled him out for most of the year.

“I am much more worried about my knees than about my wrist,” Nadal said. “I believe the knees are more dangerous for me than the wrist. The wrist injury was an accident.”

“I have had two problems in the wrist – 2014 and then last year – and both times it was down to a bad movement. It was not something that was going on and getting worse and worse. It wasn’t the same sort of injury as the knees,” he explained

He believes that he is at his competitive best when he is injury free and plays with a free mind. He emphasised that the joy of playing was more important than winning titles. He was happy to have made it to the final of the Australian Open.

“When I don’t have injuries and I feel I am competitive in the events that I am playing, that makes me enjoy it and makes me happy – more than winning titles.

“It’s important to me to feel competitive enough to have the chance to compete for the things that really motivate me. I had that feeling in the first part of the season and I am working to have that feeling in the next couple of months,” the world No. 7 added.

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