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Never seen anything like it before: Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff spoke about the engine blow-out experienced by Valtteri Bottas in Spain was due to a defect never seen before at the Silver Arrows.

After a water leak was discovered in Bottas’ engine, the driver was forced to switch back to an old engine at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Subsequently, he had to retire from the race. Although he played his part in Lewis Hamilton’s triumph – holding up Sebastian Vettel for a sizeable chunk of time as his teammate caught up with the Ferrari racer – Wolff admitted that the problem in the engine is keeping everyone at Mercedes on their guard.

“It was painful to lose 15 valuable points with Valtteri retiring from P3,” Wolff told the official Mercedes website.

“We’ve identified the root cause of the problem, which was the turbo. We haven’t seen that defect before, which shows you that you need to be double diligent. This is a technical sport and if you stretch your limits, you’ll encounter technical problems.”

Wolff also spoke about how he has re-discovered his love for Formula 1, especially due to the fact that Ferrari is giving them such a stiff fight.

He said, “Every weekend will push us to the limit; this is the new reality of Formula One in 2017. The last three years were extraordinary. But this season I have re-discovered why I love the sport. I love the intense competition.

“This competition means that you won’t be winning easily – but that you’ll have a fierce fight on your hands. Because of that, the feeling is even greater when you manage to come out on top, as we did in Spain.

“If we get the job done in Monaco, I’m pretty sure we’ll bring down the garage roof. We’re all properly fired up for this fight, so let’s see what we can do…”

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