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No man fell in love with me: Sharapova

Maria Sharapova utilized her time off the field quite well after getting banned from the sport following her illegal substance consumption.

Apparently, she went on a dating spree in order to use the time off as she was imposed with a ban of 15 months which she had claimed to use due to her health problems, having apparently not been aware that it was illegal.

She took advantage of the situation and went with different men from all over the map, but sadly and especially to my surprise, was not able to find love with anyone.

The five-time Grand Slam champion said that most of the men found her “intimidating” and that’s why they don’t fall for her.

In an interview, she said,“I have enjoyed going out with different people from different cultures in different professions. From that perspective, I’m all over the map.”

When she was asked what kind of men she would prefer or what was her type was, she said, “Someone with their own opinions and their own life who is comfortable in their own skin.”

She also spoke about the whole drug ban and even cracked a joke on the whole situation saying, “I was like ‘oh so this is what is about. There is a 120,000 doing drugs that I am not aware of’.”

The tennis ace was once spotted at the hedonistic music festival Coachella during this period as well.

With a gentle smile, she said, “I am skipping Coachella this year. I got my day job back!”

Now, the Russian star is all set to come back to the sport and you will see her back in action soon.

All those men out there who were waiting for a chance to date her have to wait more as you can imagine that her focus on the game is going to hit 100% once again!

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