Force India teammates Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez have not had the most pally of relationships recently, with a number of bust-ups between the two adding to the tension in the camp.

Things have boiled up to such an extent that Ocon admitted to blocking some of Perez’s fans on Twitter.

Ocon claimed that he had received various abuse from a number of Mexican fans on social media.

“I blocked them because they insulted my parents, and that is not healthy,” said Ocon. “It’s just a sport – we fight hard, but we’re not murderers. So people need to calm down.”

Let’s not forget that Mexico is also one of the destinations of the F1. However, Ocon said that he does not think he will face much hostility there.

“I think everything will be fine,” said Ocon. “I never said anything bad about Mexico. I like the country, I had a great time there in the past and I have a good relationship with Sergio.”

Ocon and Perez currently lie in eighth and sixth place in the drivers’ championship and have been closely matched all season, securing multiple double points finishes and frequently battling one another out on track.

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