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Palmer points to teammate that Hamilton would love to have

Valtteri Bottas has only received a contract from Mercedes that will last till the end of 2018, but according to Jolyon Palmer, Lewis Hamilton would much rather see the Finn get a longer run in the team.

Bottas, who will once again be fighting to earn an extension on his deal, recently said, “It’s up to me to prove that I deserve a longer-term deal. I know that I can beat Lewis Hamilton, I already did that in 2017. Only I have to manage to put Lewis under constant pressure.”

While it makes perfect sense for a driver who finished the 2017 campaign on a strong note to talk up his chances this term, few pundits are actually giving him a realistic chance.

While it will never be as blatant at Mercedes compared to Ferrari, but Palmer believes that Hamilton would much rather have Bottas alongside him than a driver with greater pedigree.

Palmer was replaced before the end of last season by Carlos Sainz Jr at Renault and spoke about whether it would be in the best interest for Hamilton to see Bottas continue as his teammate.

“That would certainly make Hamilton very happy,” says Palmer.

“At Mercedes we would then have the same situation as Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Vettel is a kind of number one there, officially or not, and he’s always publicly backed up for Kimi to stay.”

Hamilton is yet to agree an extension to his contract at Mercedes that runs out in 2019, but team boss Toto Wolff spoke about how a deal was on the brink of completion. “I would like to have the new agreement with Lewis completed before the beginning of the new season,” Wolff said.

“I’ve not spoken to any other team, and Mercedes knows that,” Hamilton had recently claimed at Barcelona last week.

“We both want this new contract, it’s just about details. Yes, we want to do that ahead of Australia, but we are not under pressure.”

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