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Please send some pillows and sheets over to Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso

Kindly spare more than a sleepy thought for the folks over at Toro Rosso. They have had to work non-stop and haven’t had much of a real rest since the beginning of this rather eventful year. Nor are they likely to be doing much tossing and turning under silky sheets; at least not for some additional weeks.

Traditionally, January and February have always been a particularly hectic period for Formula 1 teams as they try to come up with optimum designs, which they further proceed to tweak and refine to podium-loving effect. This can be incredibly tiresome, not to mention frustrating as each design unit has the unenviable task of endlessly modifying its own design, either in response to modifications by other fellow design units or to meet continually revised operating requirements.

With the recent F1 revolutionary rule changes, a normally chaotic, absurdly delicate and intricate operation is rendered near-impossible. With testing scheduled to start in Barcelona on February 27, and with little chance of beating the clock otherwise, Toro Rosso has therefore resolved to work three 24/7 shifts for the next 4 weeks till their cars are ready for pre-season testing. While cost and labor-intensive, it is the only viable option for the team to fight for points, rather than merely participating just to make up the numbers.

Last season, team Toro Rosso faced near immense challenges over their inability to secure an engine deal in time. By now I think, they must have become experts at missing their beauty sleep, and simply shrugging off the accrued sleep debt.

With completely new designs, enhanced but unpredictable performance parameters, expect podium finishes from formerly unheralded ugly duckling teams. It’s both a bold and brand new era for Formula 1 and a mighty opportunity for most teams to end the years of mercilessly ruthless Mercedes dominance. As for Toro Rosso, some elbow grease and a feathered pillow might come in handy as a gift for them.

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