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‘My priority is no longer WWE’

Rosa Mendes is a former WWE wrestler wwe.com

Canadian superstar Rosa Mendes has announced her retirement from WWE.

The wrestler, whose career spanned 10 years across Smackdown and Raw, decided it was time to move away from the ring.

The mother of a one-year-old, she found it hard to give time to her daughter. She admitted her priorities had changed, but her experience in WWE would be unforgettable.

“So, as you know, I’m a new mom. Well, not that new, it’s been a year.

“But, I just feel like as you get older, your dreams evolve. For years, my dream was to become a WWE champion.

“And, now that I’ve brought a life into this world, and I’m with the man of my dreams, it’s different.

“I think it would be impossible for me to give 100 percent to my daughter and my business. And, you have to give 150 percent when you’re in WWE.

“So, it was a very hard decision, and honestly, as I’m talking to you right now, it’s hard to not be emotional.

“I’m staying as strong as I can but this is such a positive thing.”

The 37-year-old plans to get married later this year. She even thanked Vince McMahon for his unshakeable support and trust throughout her career.

Mendes joined WWE shortly after the company’s Diva Search in 2006.

She shuffled through various mid-card storylines before finding success as manager for Primo and Epico. The duo held the tag team championship belt for 107 days in 2012 before losing to R-truth and Kofi Kingston.

She ended her career with a 10-111-1 record in WWE.

She last competed in a WWE match two years ago, and has been focussing on her nutrition business ever since.

The decision won’t be a surprising one for her fans with her being busy with her personal life ever since the birth of her daughter.

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