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If reports are to be believed, Red Bull and John Malone, the owner of Liberty Media, recently had a “secret” meeting due to the team’s unhappiness with the current state of the sport.

Liberty took over Formula One in January this year and made their intentions clear about improving the fan engagement and also looking at expanding that base.

Red Bull’s main concern is evidently the state of the engines, with the team pushing for regulations that would be favourable to all teams.

Malone is one of the leading men looking into the new engine regulations that are set to come into play beyond 2020.

Since 2014, it has been an annual feature to see Red Bull threaten to leave the sport. The fact that they are no longer pushing for top honours tells you enough about where the frustration is brimming from.

This season, the new regulations meant that expectations were high to start off with, but things haven’t quite panned out the way Helmut Marko would have hoped.

In fact, such has been the team’s predicament that Marko recently spoke out and declared that they would be leaving the sport if the regulations didn’t change soon.

According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, Malone and Marko met last week to discuss the regulations for 2021.

The plans were outlined earlier in the year for the new engines, with the goal of making them cheaper and more simple, while also improving the sound.

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