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While most teams have chosen to fill their stocks with extra ultrasofts for the Mexico Grand Prix, the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers have conspicuously gone against the flow with the tyre selections.

For those of you who are new to the sport: Each driver gets a total of 13 sets of dry tyres to use during the race weekend. They also get one set each of the three compounds offered by Pirelli for the event. Each circuit offers different choices. At the Mexican Grand Prix, that line-up consists of soft, supersoft and ultrasoft tyres.

It is now up to the driver and the team’s engineers to decide the tyre distribution they request from the tyre manufacturer.

In this particular case, many teams have gone for nine or even ten sets of the purple-marked ultras. However, Red Bull has asked for just six sets for both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. The remaining tyres will be made up with three sets of softs and four supersofts.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has asked for seven sets of ultras. While Sebastian Vettel has decided to take just the one mandatory set of soft tyres and make up the rest with five sets of supersofts, Kimi Raikkonen has selected an additional set of soft tyres on hand, leaving him just four supersofts.

As far as the Mercedes drivers are concerned, both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have nine sets of ultras, with Hamilton requesting just one set of softs and three supersofts. Bottas, meanwhile, has asked for two of both.

Here is the full list of the team’s selections at the Mexican Grand Prix…

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