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Ricciardo explains why Red Bull will hit stage running in 2018

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has claimed that his team brought forward the development of its 2018 Formula 1 car compared to last year to avoid another slow start to the season.

Recently, it has been observed that Red Bull tends to leave the design of its car as late as possible to get the best possible updates in place, but that backfired this season.

It is only now that the team believes it has the best chassis in F1, but it has come too late to challenge for either championship.

Rcciardo’s teammate Max Verstappen also spoke about how Red Bull may benefit from a less ambitious approach in launching its new F1 car.

“I always feel our starts to the season have been slow particularly since I’ve been with the team but it’s not, as far as I’m aware, not planned,” Ricciardo said.

“I’m not sure why exactly. We definitely get stronger but yeah, it’s a nice trend to get better and better but we’d like to start better. I still don’t really know the answer why that is.

“We always feel like we start on next year’s car early enough but maybe what we think is early isn’t early enough.

“I know for next year it’s been brought forward more than it was for this year.”

Ricciardo seemed hopeful that Red Bull would be a lot more competitive next season, particularly given the relative stability of the regulations.

“The idea is we learn as there are not many changes next year and what we learn hopefully from this year, hopefully we take to next year and we start stronger,” he said.

“That’s obviously the plan, that’s everyone’s wish and I guess we go from there. If next year’s not a very competitive season at all then, of course, that will be addressed.

“Where we are now this year, you’d think next year we should be competitive. Mercedes has been winning for too long. We’ll try to change that.”

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