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Formula 1 sporting chief Ross Brawn has dismisse the idea of making Grand Prix races shorter, believing that the current length is a test that takes into account all attributes of a car and is the best way to judge the merit of the winner.

Brawn was appointed F1’s new sporting managing director following Liberty Media’s takeover back in January, working alongside CEO and chairman Chase Carey.

A lot has been written in the past about making races shorter to attract more audience interest and increase the number of supporters around the world, with Liberty Media always on the lookout to find new methods to generate greater fan engagement.

Even three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has spoken about the fact that races should perhaps be shorter, but Brawn does not subscribe to this idea.

Brawn has instead preferred to focus on ways to keep fans watching for the duration of the race by making it more entertaining.

“I like the heritage of a race. I think an hour 40, an hour 45 is a great period for a race,” Brawn told Reuters.

“And that’s traditionally what we’ve had. I think it’s a good time period.

“Some people say ‘let’s have shorter races because the public’s attention span is shorter these days’.

“Well, with modern technology you can package the sport in whichever way people want to watch it.

“What we have to do is develop the sport so there is as much entertainment as possible during that period.”

Brawn also talked about how he met with MotoGP’s CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta over the Spanish Grand Prix weekend to discuss the prevention of calendar clashes with F1, a new tactic for the sport’s management.

“We’re not too proud to consult with other championships and work out the best way forward,” Brawn said.

“It’s difficult to juggle dates, and you can’t always achieve what you want, but at least we’re having a dialogue to try and work it out.”

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