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Sky announces slash in prices following F1’s streaming service

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Following the announcement that Formula One will run its own streaming service this year, Sky has responded by slashing the price of its F1 package in the UK.

F1 TV Pro will show all practice sessions, qualifying and races live through a dedicated service in a select number of countries. It perhaps helps that UK is not in the list where the option will be available due to the existing broadcast deal in place witk Sky.

Sky has a deal already in place that gives them exclusive rights to all F1 content from 2019 to 2024.

However on Friday, Sky slashed the cost of its F1 Season Pass – covering all 21 races. The package will now cost £150 on its Now TV platform, or a little over £7 per race weekend.

Earlier, the season pass was worth almost twice that amount at £33.99 a month, or £305.91 (covering the nine-month season).

While there are many fans in the UK who are unhappy that the streaming service is not available for them, there may yet be reason to rejoice as they will not have to wait till 2024 to get the chance to see the races from a host of different angles.

F1’s director of digital and new business Frank Arthofer claimed shortly after details of their streaming package were released that they would be open to working with existing broadcasters.

“In the markets where we haven’t carved the [digital] rights out, like the UK as an example, we’re very open to working with our partners to consider a path to up-selling this product to our broadcast partners’ customer base,” he said.

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