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Speed cap in WRC?

Ott Tanak is a WRC driver motorsport.com

What are motorsports without a generous sprinkling of the sights and sounds of drivers speeding around like the devil was frantically looking to carve up their backside with his sickle, or the showy ones drifting and stunting like their life depended on it?

Well, FIA has decided a little bit of the former can be too much of a good thing in WRC and is rather seriously mulling new regulations that will cap speeds at a snail-slow 80mph.

The fast and furious issue arose during the second run of Rally Sweden’s Knon stage last weekend, which saw the car of the pacesetter Ott Tanak average 85mph plus.

Shocked into action, FIA is adamantly warning that in future stages, cars that fly on land will be a definite no-no.

FIA rally director Jarmo Mahonen was reported as saying, “These cars are quicker than the old cars – but in this stage even last year’s cars were going more than 130km/h (80mph).

“These kind of stages teach us one thing: we need to take a more firm grip when organisers want to introduce new stages, we have to be present to check them.

“If we see a stage time of more than 130km/h then it’s an indicator that we need to be looking at this.

“From our point of view this was too fast. What we want to do is look at a guideline on this, but maybe we need to think to the regulations.”

According to him, with average speeds of races getting too fast, organizers must do all in their means to slow down the cars.

“We want the cancellation of this stage to send a message to the other organizers to think carefully about their route,” he said.

“We want speeds lower than 130km/h, but I remember when I was an organizer and I didn’t want to use straw bales to make chicanes.

“I understand that, and the answer is simple: use smaller roads that will be slower. This is what we have to do.”

“Maybe some of the organizers use older drivers who have not been in this game in several years and maybe they don’t have an idea of how quick these cars are,” he said.

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